POLL: Do You Support Judge Jeanine Calling Obama A Terrorist On Fox News?

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STUNNING VIDEO: Fox News Judge Jeanine Calls Obama A “Terrorist” On National Television. In classic a Judge Jeanine rant, she calls out the left and specifically President Obama for “apologizing” for radical Islam even when Americans are killed. She went so far as to call Obama a “terrorist”. The backlash from the white house and the left was swift and harsh. Since Obama has already shown he will use his government thugs to target US citizens, Judge Jeanine may be in trouble. What say you? Do you support Judge Jeanine calling Obama a “terrorist” on Fox News? Take the poll below.

POLL: Do You Support Judge Jeanine Calling Obama A Terrorist On Fox News?






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  1. Billie Jo McClune June 30, 2017 at 5:50 pm

    The Judge is so right when she made this comment as Obama was groomed to take down America from within. He was the Trojan Horse to attack from the inside of the Presidency. This was planned many years ago and was set in the works by many Evil and highly powerful men and women. Obama was born in Kenya and raised as a Muslim and his name was Barry Soetoro in his teens . He was a foreign aid student from Kenya , who went to Hawaii with his Grandparents in his teens. He was disliked and called a Moocher and Reverand David Manning calls him, “The Son of Satan.”. In a interview with Mia Marie Pope who knew him , on Reverend David Mannings Web site, she tells how low down he was.and his Cocaine Use. These plans goes deeper then anyone realizes. This was a deal with the Devil and lust for power. The people were too powerful to be touched and hid in the Shadows waiting to strike. There goal was to have Hillary Rotten to become President after Obama but there devious plans fell through. That is why they are trying any means possible to take down President Trump. It is like opening up a deep and long reaching bunch of Evil people, who are losing big money, they put on there Black Widow Spider Hillary , to win the Presidency. She was there Ace in the Hole to take over. Obama was never legally our President , just a bad memory and a nightmare to be forgotten.

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