9th Circuit Court Just Made It Impossible To Be A Christian In America

9th Circuit Court Just Made It Impossible To Be A Christian In America


The pack of retarded liberals known as the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that if you are a Christian in this country, you don’t have the right to practice your religion freely anywhere but in your home or your church. The ruling, which was unanimous, overturned a lower court ruling filed and lost by a group of atheists who are “offended that God appears at high school football games, holiday pageants, study groups at public libraries and so on.

The ruling means that you are no longer protected as a Christian to display your cross, your favorite psalm on a bumper sticker; you are only allowed to do so in privately owned areas. All public land is designated “No Religion, Too.”

 The Supreme Court quickly put the case on their docket, because this ruling means most of the wedding ceremonies scheduled for this summer in public parks across America will be performed outside of the law and therefore null and void. That, of course, is exactly what liberals want. They like single people, single parents, and simple, Godless lives.

If you prefer your family life and your values over the right of liberals to change your lifestyle so you don’t offend them, write or call your congressman and tell them to put their full weight behind reversing this decision. The Supreme Court has to side with freedom on this one.


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