President Trump Just Had The Last Piece Of Obama’s ‘Legacy’ Removed From the White House

President Trump Just Had The Last Piece Of Obama’s ‘Legacy’ Removed From the White House


It’s taken nearly two months but President Trump has finally removed the last of the Obama “legacy” the White House has to offer. Other than a portrait of the family that was commissioned by the US Parks Department’s White House Historical Society, there is nothing left of the previous administration, their culture of intolerance towards Christians or their hatred for America.

At long last, the women in the White House can once again have some privacy in a restroom marked “women,” and the men can use the urinals in a restroom marked “men” without feeling like they’re making anyone uncomfortable. Those “gender neutral” signs have been tossed in the garbage where they belong.

Along with gender-proper restrooms, the White House also now boasts 4 sitting rooms for nursing mothers to feed their children privately. Obama may have thought all women prefer to have their breasts exposed in front of men and that all men were perfectly comfortable with it, but that’s just not the case. Women can now rest comfortably to soft music or their favorite talk shows and soap operas while feeding their kids.

The White House cafeteria, which used to boast free salads and fruit for all employees at the taxpayer’s expense will now once again sell good old-fashioned American comfort food. Those looking to save money on lunches are welcome to store their meals in one of several refrigerators in break rooms located throughout the East and West Wings as well as in the public portion of the mansion.

In other words, the White House has been turned back into an American workplace rather than a politically correct pitstop for freeloaders.


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  1. Billie Jo McClune September 1, 2017 at 1:27 am

    Sanity is back in place after 8 years of Obama sitting on his Throne and using the Power of the Pen . He lived a lavish life style , of the rich and famous and took many vacations spending vast amounts of money. Obama should have took the vermin with him when he left, the mice and cockroaches. . Obama had no respect for out Country and was there to destroy her from within. He promoted violence and invited those who were an obvious hate group ,to visit the White House while he alienated all of the leaders of the World. He gave his buddies 44 Million to Iran in cold hard Cash on pallets , in the dead of night to further there missile program. Obama made Al Sharpton his personel adviser while in the White House , who is one of the biggest racist and hate baitors there is. The race division was the worst I have ever seen in my lifetime. Obama has a ring he wears with this engraved, “There is no God but Allah.” Obama, Barry Soetoro was never legally our President , just a bad nightmare to be forgotten.

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